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This website is here to inform you about black hair, and we welcome your thoughts and contributions as BlackHair.me grows. The site is written and lovingly maintained by me. My name is Manashantii. This is my other website Manashantii and you can contact me via the contact form below.

My Personal Experience.

I had an afro from age Zero to eleven, then I had Jheri Curl perm followed by relaxer perm until I was age fifteen. I went natural at age 15 and I have kept an afro until December 2006 when I got my afro (B.A.A) twisted int ho starter locs. I aim to give tips and advice to those who want to know about afros and African locs. I have 40 years experience of wearing an Afro a B.A.A. (Big Azz Afro) I switched because I wanted longer hair and no longer wanted combing the hair I didn’t want extensions, nor did I want a short natural T.W.A (Teeny Weeny Afro). Although I could wear a wig or weave on, or extensions (over the locs) as well as wearing my hair as it is. I wanted to grow my own locks long.

In 2008 April I cut off my locks and shaved my head. I wore a Teeny Weeny Afro (T.W.A). I don’t know if I will wear locks ever again.I must let you know that if you decide to change your hair style from locks to a natural afro you can go to a salon and they can take it out for you without you cutting off your loc(k)s. (It can be achieved by using a conditioner and a gentle combing out process). In April 2010 I started contemplating growing dread(loc)ks again.

To summarise I have a total of 40 years experience of wearing an afro styled in various ways without extensions or colour, 2 years experience of wearing dreadloc(k)s and 4 years of Jheri curls perm and a relaxer perm. I am currently wearing an afro natural which is cornrowed, I wear a lace front wig over the cornrows.

I also have several years experience helping voluntarily in a natural hair salon. My knowledge comes from these experiences and also from reading books and surfing the net. I also have some knowledge about cosmetic chemistry. I have been making cosmetics for personal use and for friends since age 14.


Manashantii loves lyric poetry and smooth Jazz.

Manashantii’s favourite secular songs (In no particular order) are:-

1. Gabriela Anders = Brasileira

2. Omar Lye Fook = Music

3. Rachelle Ferrell = I Forgive You

4. Nnenna Freelon = Birks Works

5. Des’ree = Indigo Daisies

6. Des’ree and Terence Trent Darby (Sananda Maitreya) = Delicate

7. Tuck and Patti = Better than anything

8. Khani Cole = Somebody

9. India. Arie = God is Real

10. Maysa (Leak) =All my life

11. Des’ree = I’m kissing you

12. Ashford and Simpson = Solid

13. Lenny Kravitz= Let Love Rule

14. Dianne Reeves =Sky islands

15. Sade = Nothing Can Come Between Us

16. George and Ira Gershwin and DuBose Heyward = Summertime ( From “Porgy and Bess”) *Any version

17. The Brand New Heavies =Got To Give

18. Funkadelic = One Nation Under A Groove

19. Minnie Riperton = Only when I am dreaming

20. Jessy J (The Jazz saxophonist) = True love

21. Cindy Bradley = Unscripted

22.  En Vogue = Free your mind

23. Rachelle Ferrell = Reflections of my heart

24. Maysa (Leak) = Mirrors

25. Omar Lye- Fook and Carleen Anderson = Who chooses the seasons

26. Tuck and Patti= In a sentimental mood (or sung by Ledisi or Julie Dexter or Sarah Vaughan or Cassandra Wilson)

27. The Emotions = How Can You Stop Loving Someone

28. The Emotions = God Will Take Care Of You

29. The Emotions = Flowers

30. Vicki Sue Robinson = Jealousy

31. Vicki Sue Robinson = Freeway song

32. Sade = When Am I Gonna Make A Living

33. The Supremes = Automatically Sunshine

34. Diana Ross = Doobee doobee Ndoobee

35. Maceo And The Macks = Cross the Track (We better go back)

36. Bob James = Angela (Theme from Taxi)

37. Bill Withers = Soul Shadows

38. The Doky Brothers featuring Dianne Reeves = Waiting in vain

39. Dianne Reeves = Waiting in Vain

40. Nina Simone or Nnenna Freelon  or  Lisa Simone, Dianne Reeves, Lizz Wright, Angelique Kidjo= Four women.

41. Cassandra Wilson = Strange fruit.

42. Nina Simone =Feeling good.

43. Minnie Riperton = Completeness

44. Minnie Riperton = Expecting

45. Minnie Riperton = Loving you

46. Aretha Franklin = I say a little prayer

47. Nina Simone= Images

48. Rotary Connection featuring Minnie Riperton = I am the black gold of the sun.

49. Lenny Kravitz = Black girl 

50. Angie Stone = Brotha

51. India. Arie = Wings of Forgiveness.

52. M People = Just for you.

53.  Lenny Kravitz= I belong to you.

54.  Des’ree = You gotta be

55. Terence Trent D’arby (Sananda Maitreya) = To know someone deeply is to know someone softly

56. Terence Trent D’arby (Sananda Maitreya) = Letting go

57. Antonio Lucio Vivaldi = The Four Seasons.

58. Omar Lye-Fook = Ghana Emotion

59. Patti LaBelle = There’s a winner in you

60. Chaka Khan = Don’t talk to strangers 

61. Terence Trent D’arby (Sananda Maitreya) = Sign your name

62. Prince =Thieves in the temple

63. Blessid Union Of Souls = I believe

64. Acacia = Stay in your own (Hate)

65. Black eyed peas = Where is the love?

66. Prince = Money don’t matter tonight.

67. Bill Withers = Grandma’s hands.

68. Aerosmith = Livin’ on the edge.

69. Malcolm Mclaren = Algernon’s awfully good at Algebra

70.Malcolm McLaren = I like you in velvet 

71. Gilberto Gil = Toda Menina Baiana (Every Bahian Girl) 

72. Carmen Lundy = Forgive me

73. Carmen Lundy = So Beautiful

74. Carmen Lundy = Grateful Part 2

75. Carmen Lundy = Time is love

76. Diana Ross = Tenderness

77. Diana Ross =Friend to friend

78. Diana Ross= The Boss

79. Diana Ross = I’m in the world.

80. Diana Ross= To love again



*My all time favourite instrumental Album = Bob James and Earl Klugh = One on One         *My all time favourite vocal albums are Des’ree= Mind adventures.& India.Arie =Acoustic soul & Any Album by Omar Lye Fook  or  Diane Reeves= Quiet after the storm                                   I like the 1960’s group called The Emotions.   *My all time  favourite singers are Minnie Riperton, Amy Winehouse, India. Arie,  Maysa (Leak), Jhelisa (Anderson), Des’ree, Sade, Asa, (pronounced Asha) Tuck and Patti,  Nina Simone, Ashford and Simpson, Fourplay, Omar Lye Fook and of course Lenny Kravitz.  I also love Sixties Soul, Bossa Nova Jazz, Acid Jazz, Funk, Jazz Funk, I love rock and Jazz.                                                                                                    *I also love Lizz Wright, Dianne Reeves, Angelique Kidjo, Cassandra Wilson, Ledisi, 

My favourite film is “Coming to America”

Manashantii’s favourite foods are fusion cuisine, she likes Vegan African and Vegan Asian (Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Cambodian)

Dish 1 = Kenkey or Enjera with black eye bean stew or Vegan Egusi stew with Kimchi, Marinated Tofu and or Vegan Moin-Moin and Tomato, lettuce and cucumber Salad !!

Dish 2 = Vegan Bi Bim Bap with Tofu and Fried plantain and ackees!


Picture Credits and Thanks

By all means send us your photos and news so we can show the world what can be done. The pictures at the top of this and other pages were kindly provided by the photogaphers under Creative Commons licenses, and a big thank you to these talented people for sharing with us.

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Manashantii enjoys using Ubuntu a virus free African operating system which is free of charge to download and use. Ubuntu is a Nguni Bantu word which means humanity in some South African languages, Zimbabwe and Malawi languages.