Dreadlocks and Locs Tips

Manashantii’s Aloe vera concoction for dreadlocks.

Make  a concoction of natural Aloe vera,lemon essential oil and lavender essential oil and use it for re-twisting your locks.The essential oils kills bacteria in the product, it also acts as a preservative for the product and it kills fungus in your hair and scalp.Lavender essential oil is a cytophylactic (generate skin cell growth and protect cells).

Other cytophylactics are patchouli and geranium essential oils.There are lots more cytophylactics but the three mentioned are the best.

*LOCS TIPS. By Manashantii

*Style dreadlocks while wet otherwise you increase the chance of breakage.

*Don’t over twist locs.

*Don’t be a product junkie.Just use no more than three products,also by doing this it makes it easier to detect allergies that you may have.

*Although I recommend lots of things on this site,just choose one shampoo(or a ph balanced hair and body wash),and one moisturiser or oil for hair and body,one locking gel (My concoction gel for retwisting dreadlocks for example).

*Avoid beeswax or beeswax products,it is nearly impossible to wash out of hair and locs.

*Don’t go to bed with damp locks,this will cause mildew in your locs,also your locs may loose it’s cylindrical shape when you sleep on it whilst it it wet or damp, wash your hair in the morning and allow all day for it to dry.

*Cover up your locs at night. 

*Sweat that has built up in your hair or locs causes bacteria to grow on your skin or scalp.Smell in your hair or locs is made up of bacteria that feed on sweat.In other words,smell comes from stale sweat that grow in the scalp,this causes itchyness.

*Using too much oils or moisturiser will cause build up and attract dirt and lint.

*Excessive twisting thins the hair.Twist hair every 6 weeks.Every 8 weeks is even better. If you have locs gently separate them to avoid locs from matting together, do this every two weeks.

* You can ease the stress of your hair being pulled by wearing your hair up or using a scarf upward or a hair wrap specially made for locs. You can ease tension of pulling hair or locs by not pulling hair too tight or by cutting your hair to a certain length.   

* If you have locs avoid detangling shampoo as it detangles locs.Also choose a residue free shampoo to avoid build-up.

Do buy biodynamic,organic,fairtrade,vegan.

Avoid these chemicals:- mercury,aluminium,propylene glycol,petroleum,
petrolatum,mineral oil,lead in some lipsticks,
sulphates,(sodium lauryl sulphate,sodium laureth sulphate etc..)
liquid paraffin,phthalates,talc,methylisothiazolinone,BHT,
Ethanolamines=Monoethanolamines,(MEA) Diethanolamine,(DEA)
Triethanolamine (TEA)

Carbomer,ethanol,Benzaldehyde,Benzyl acetate,Benzophenones ,
EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid),DIA (Diethanolamine),
Imidazolidinyl Urea,Diazolidinyl urea.

Avoid these animal ingredients:pig glycerin(e)beeswax,collagen,gelatin(e),animal keratin,chitin,
bone char sugar,whey…

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