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London Salons.

All the natural afro hair salons in London are reasonable.Each salon has it’s own method of hairdressing and products.I only mention salons that I have experience of.







Abaka Salon, 2 Windmill Row,London, SE11 5DW.TEL: 0207-735-1558

When I had my first set of locs done in a another salon that I won’t mention,the hairdresser made some kind of micro-locs which I didn’t ask for. I went to a second salon which I won’t mention also and I had them made slightly bigger, which also wasn’t to my choice.
Where was I to go next?

Don Abaka listened and did exactly what I asked for, thank goodness. He made my locs the size that I wanted and did a really good job. However because of the partings which had been altered due to the constant remending and re-styling of my locs before, eventually I decided to shave off my hair and start again.(Which you don’t have to do,you can have locs undone or taken out and turned back into an afro, except for sisterlocks and brotherlocks which you must shave your hair.)

Anyway,I went to Don Abaka’s salon five times and I was very satisfied with the work he did on my hair.If I had gone to his salon first, I think I would probably still have my first set of locs. Don Abaka does Afro and European hair.Don Abaka is an experienced and skilled stylist, and he makes his his own products which are really exceptionally good.Don Abaka uses a minute amount of melted beeswax in locs and it is undetectable in the locs.I have seen him apply melted beeswax in locs and it was carefully done.Abaka’s products do not have beeswax or honey in them.His products are vegan,Ashanti gold is for hair and Pearl of Nubia is for the skin.

Some people I have met (not related to Abaka’s salon) have discovered that their locs have had build up as a result of having beeswax put in their hair.

I understand that European hair that is going through the dreadlocks process sometimes needs some type of plant wax to bind the hair,but this is not necessary for Afro hair because afro hair grows in a coiling,curling and twisting manner,as a result of this,it becomes matted faster than straight European hair.






Adornment 365 Salon & Wellbeing Center.

Adornment365 are currently updating their website they are still available to serve you.They are the best so call to book an appointment.  81 Acre lane  Brixton London SW2 5TN  Nearest tube station is Brixton. Adornment is a hair salon and school.Tel: 0207-737 5533. Opening times Tuesdays to Saturdays 9.30am to 7pm Sundays 11am to 5pm.
Adornment365 are related to Adornment365 use only natural and organic products.They use Qhemet biologics, Aubrey organics,and Adornment 365 products.The salon has a pleasant atmosphere.Customer care and consultation was very thorough.The stylist saw us at the agreed appointment time, there was no delay and the service was executed with well mannered professionalism. I have received a good service every time I have been there.This is probably the best salon in London. Adornment also provides massages this includes head massage or body massage.

There is a life coach service available if you book an appointment.





Morris roots.

Morris roots are very precise with their appointment times and have polite staff.Morris Roots run three clean, modern salons and a hair academy.The Morris roots clients that I have met  are usually very satisfied with the service they receive.

Morris roots use a variety of nicely fragranced shea butters for re-twisting locs, which is very good for afro hair and locs ,but they did use a comb to unravel some of the hair on my dreadlocks (it is sort of like a back combing method). I found that my locs were messy as a result of this, my locs were still in the process of budding (binding) even though my hair is very kinky (type 4c), and this combing method probably made my locs unravel. If in doubt you could ask them not to use a comb to frizz your locs.

Morris roots also played really loud music in all their salons and they did not turn it down when I asked on the three occasions that I went to their three different salons. (I have never been to their academy branch). I sent an email to Morris roots commenting about my experiences, but I never received a reply, so I guess the music is important to them.  If this is an issue for you I’d suggest ringing them to discuss it before you go.




Eftal hair salon no longer exists.





Purely natural hair salon Tel:0208-221 0122 Stratford, London 119 The Grove E15 1EN is spacious, relaxed and a luxurious environment,they use organic root stimulator products.







Locs 4 life. TEL: 0208.886-8777 / 0797-1101-008 Locs 4 life new address is:- 459 Green lanes,Palmers Green,London,N13,4BS Open on Tuesdays to Saturdays.Tuesdays to Thursdays open from 10am to 6pm.Fridays 10am to 7pm. Saturdays 10am to 4pm Locs 4 life use essential oils,avocado oil, jojoba oil,soya oil,and much more.All of the ingredients are well blended by Jay the owner.I have found her products to be very very good. She also uses Aveda products.She uses handtwisting or comb-twisting which is to the preference of the client.She has won awards for her work and client service is taken very seriously,( and is in my opinion and experience a very high standard).







Back to Eden in Walworth, 20 Camberwell Rd, London, SE5 0EN  Tel: 020 7703 3173  Opening hours  10.30 hours to 18.30hours Tuesday to Saturday.  Also there is a Back to Eden Salon in Jamaica West Indies owned by the same person (Cynthia MacDonald).Cynthia uses her own products and they give incredible head massages,they have a great way of doing locks,( they use the hand twisting method),and they do not cut hair.Back to Eden was the first salon in the United Kingdom to specialise and care for dread(loc)ks.








Josee Professional Braiding Studio Opening hours 9am to 6pm Mon-Fri Sat 8am to 6pm 0207-263-3433 Mobile 07958-377-344. Unit 4 226 Seven Sisters road,Finsbury Park London N4 3NX 1 minute walk from Finsbury Park station (Seven Sisters road exit) (Piccadilly and Victoria tube lines and British rail) Buses 4, 19, 29, 106, 153, 210, 236, 253, 279, W3, W7.In this salon they plait hair really well, and they are fast. I had my hair washed,blow-dried and had large kinky twists done,and it was completed in 52 minutes and it lasted for three months.







Hair by Chi 07956-210-836 /07958-197-118 e-mail Chi is a very good locs stylist.Cosy environment,the salon is inside of a shop on Lea Bridge road E10 near Markhouse road E17.He has been a hairstylist for over 20 years.






New name for strictly dreadz hair salon Premiere dreadz dot com 47 Anerley Rd London, SE19 2AS Telephone:  0757- 250-1416 (Text or Whatsapp)





Tia’s hair salon.







New York Salons.(coming soon)

The locksmyths method is a hand twisting method invented by Ona Osirio Maat.She uses gel to twist the hair.Ona is contactable on 718-638-6444 in Brooklyn,New York. She created her hair locking method from the inspiration of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.She also teaches classes in this unique locking method.The address is LockSmyths African Lock Groomers, 214 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238.You can email her at

Khamit Kinks.

Ademola Mandella Ademola Mandella is a highly skilled Loctician he has over twenty years experience of caring and styling locks.Thando Kafele was one of his students.I have heared good comments and high praises about his skills. I have also seen the end product of his hairdressing on five people and I was impressed. Tel: -301-500-9396 e-mail:

Locks n chops.

Red creative art concept 646-620-9171 please note new telephone number

Oh My Heavenly

Locs of soul by Tanene Jackson in Alabama 352 St. Francis Street (located inside Cuttin’ Up Barbershop) Mobile, Alabama 36602 240-515-4388