Cancer Free



So how do you stay healthy and beautiful while avoiding potentially carcinogenic products and ingredients? Well there are a lot of good alternatives to choose from, some not as well as they should be, so here are some suggestions and by all means let us know of others.



Home and abroad animal welfare NON-CARCINOGEN HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTSBiodegradable Household products

Biodegradable cleansing products Biodegradable products

Non Carcinogen COSMETICS

Beauty website make your own cosmetics

Arabian perfume oils

Akua Wood cosmetics

Cosmetics by Akua Wood butter cottage cosmetics

Kinky Curly hair products

Exotic Amazonian oils

Raw Gaia cosmetics

Oyin cosmetics

A’kin and A’lchemy Cosmetics

Various cosmetics companies

Howden soap

Howden soap

Manakedi Skincare

Chemical free skincare

Beyond skincare

Max Green cosmetics

Akamuti cosmetics (Nice liquid African black soap ) Inika cosmetics

Campaign for Safe cosmetics =article on cosmetics

Ingredients to avoid cosmetics very good products – Cosmetics

Lifescape magazine beauty without cruelty Established in 1963.

Scented olive oil for cosmetic use

John Masters Cosmetics

Ulew cosmetics

Qhemet biologics cosmetics faith in nature products Handmade cosmetics 100% vegetarian and 80-75% vegan (it varies) Handmade cosmetics 100%vegetarian and 80-75% vegan.(it varies) Essential oils,herbs and make your own cosmetics,and soap making,cheaper than NealsYardRemedies. Vegetarian,Natural and organic cosmetics.No petrochemicals,some beeswax products.

Coconut research

Coconut product

Anita Grant cosmetics Dr.Hauschka. biodynamic products.

The hairoine cosmetics for afro hair

AloeDent toothpaste Kingfisher toothpaste


Tom’s of Maine


Sarakan toothpaste

Burt’s Bees

Living nature

Higher nature

Aubrey organics




Honesty cosmetics am natural cosmetics

Pure health – 12 Ugly Truths Behind the Myth of Cosmetic safety

The ecologist

The ecologist

Search for column called Daily life,then click on beauty.

search on the website write in the searchbox the following articles

Or click on the behind the label

Behind the label – Colgate toothpaste

Behind the label -Johnson’s baby softwash

Behind the label-Clearasil deep cleansing 3 in 1 wash

Are we being naiive about Nivea?

Clairol nice “n” easy hair dye

Radox herbal bath with juniper.

Behind the label-Skin cream

Behind the label-Oil of Olay

Behind the label-suncream

Purely cosmetic change.

Heavent scent.

Lip service.

Saving face

Cosmetic companies.

Google re body shop

possibly re cosmetics: =article on cosmetics

/ Animal rights and cosmetics (Animal cruelty campaigns) Cosmetics company, very good products. =You Make It

www.t’ liberate ourselves from caustic chemicals -Afro hair

www.naturalfreedom natural afro hair website natural afro hair website and a book she is selling