Veggie & Vegan

Diets free of animal products are better for your health and everyone else’s so here are some helpful links on living lovingly. There are many famous and fit veg*ns, including poet Benjamin Zephaniah, so why not find out more?   A plant-based diet cuts your carbon footprint and your risks of cancer and heart disease, and saves you money too.  And you feel so much better and have so much more energy.


By all means let us know of new developments abd websites and anything good to add to the collection.


vegan campaigns

Festival of life

Black vegetarians

By any greens necessary

vegans of color

black veg* ans of georgia http://bvsga.orgOrinoco vegan chocolate vegan artist’s webpage the vegan forum

news for vegans

peta dot org

International veg*an Union Animal rights and cosmetics (Animal cruelty campaigns)

Going vegan

Viva going vegan

Vegetarian society (going vegan)

Viva going veggie

Vegetarian society info on veg*an health

Veg society vitamins

Veg society minerals

Vegetarian website vegan views online magazine

freerangers shoes Bourgeois boheme vegan shoes




Veg*an restaurant

Veg restaurant

Manna veg restaurant

The Peking Palace (Delicious food) Vegan cakes fairtrade palestinian olive oil

Vegetarian women

Heena Modi (A Vegan Jain )

Save our world dot org dot U.K.

Climate camp dot org dot U.K.

Brixton pound dot org dot U.K.

http:// Vegetarianlady Jackee Holder

http:/ Waris Dirie Kathryn Trenshaw

Heena Modi Vegan artist Azu arts Tabitha Suzuma Children’s writer Education for behavioural needs