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Pretty naturals inc dot com …

Natural news http:://naturalnews.com029834_plant_based_diet_toxic_chemicals.html

Cosmetic ingredients to avoid

Nicole Moore

First writer dot com

Tribute to black women

Twist and curves salon

Trace your African roots (your DNA) through African Ancestry dot com

National Council for Negro Women

A sista in Tokyo blog

Go green dot mobi Trade Aid

walk to school dot org dot U.K.

Really good toothpaste… Funky raw Purely holistic

Catch a vibe dot co dot UK amphion consort african showcase market dot com

Herb (al) sistah

natural news dot

raw faries dot com

Ohema Ohene clothing

Send free sms texts from this website cbfsms dot com

ooffoo dot com Reggae reggae sauce

New beacon bookshop Australian vegan business (Dot)com Thomas Fuller slave =article on cosmetics

/ Animal rights and cosmetics (Animal cruelty campaigns) Cosmetics company, very good products. =You Make It

www.t’ liberate ourselves from caustic chemicals -Afro hair

www.naturalfreedom natural afro hair website natural afro hair website and a book she is selling locs stylist locs stylist locs stylist afro hair salon Nekhena Evans’s afro hair salon etc… afro hair salon afro hair salon afro hair salon afro hair salon Taliah Waajid’s afro hair styling Taliah Waajid’s cosmetics veganartist’s webpage vegan artist’s webpage the vegan forum

COSMETICS beauty without cruelty Established in 1963. Handmade cosmetics mostly veggie and vegan= No petrochemicals. Handmade cosmetics mostly veggie and vegan= No petrochemicals Natural and organic cosmetics.No petrochemicals. Handmade cosmetics suitable for all especially black skin and afro hair.No petrochemicals.Natural and organic. Dr.Hauschka. biodynamic products.

AloeDent toothpaste

Kingfisher toothpaste


Tom’s of Maine


Sarakan toothpaste

Burt’s Bees

Living nature

Higher nature

Aubrey organics




Google search ren cosmetics as I don’t have an address for them.

Ren cosmetics

Google search the following two: – 12 Ugly Truths Behind the Myth of Cosmetic safety re body shop

possibly re cosmetics:….