Do not under any
circumstances use beeswax to start your (dread)loc(k)s,or at anytime
whilst you have got dread(loc(k)s. Beeswax  will hold  your  locs
together  but  will be next  to  impossible wash out when it’s time to
cleanse your hair.It will leave your locs looking very dull, in addition
to attracting and holding dust and debris.Beeswax has a high melting
point about 106 degrees.Putting beeswax in your hair is like putting
candle wax in your hair.Beeswax is bee excrement (bee poo/faeces).Why  would you want to put it in your hair or on your skin?
Some stylists argue that beeswax is biodegradeable and good for dreadlocking European and Asian hair. Also a lot of bees get killed in honey and beeswax get extracted from the bees colonies,their legs get cut off and they starve to death because they have no food as a result of us eating their food (honey is bee’s vomit). Using beeswax is also really bad for the environment.


Aveda written by Safe cosmetics

According to safe cosmetics:-

Aveda is known as a company committed to sustainability. Every April, Aveda celebrates “Earth Month” by educating its customers about environmental issues and donating money to good environmental causes. Unfortunately, Aveda and parent company Estee Lauder have yet to confirm this commitment through joining the more than 300 responsible companies that have signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, a pledge to never use toxic chemicals that harm our health, build up in our bodies and environment and harm our children’s development, and to only use safer alternatives. In addition, many Aveda salons have been found to carry one of the most hazardous cosmetics products on the market: OPI nail polishes and nail hardeners. Help us tell Aveda to live up to its stated commitment to the planet, workers’ and consumers’ health, and Aveda’s Earth Month mission by sending a free fax to Aveda’s President, Dominique Conseil, asking him to: •not sell OPI nail polishes, one of the most toxic on the market, and replace them with safer alternatives •sign the Compact for Safe Cosmetics.


The Body shop according to Naturewatch.

The Body shop =According to Naturewatch

The Body shop is now owned by L’Oreal,according to naturewatch L’Oreal is the biggest user of animals for cosmetics and they refuse to stop its use of animals.The Body shop never claimed to be vegan they claimed to be anti animal testing but with L’Oreal as their new owners I don’t think that they will be following that policy any longer.They combine natural ingedients with synthetics.The makers of  Lush made alot of their products originally.Lush went solo and advanced to even more natural products, and The Body shop have stayed the same. 


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