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I disagree with skin bleaching and chemical straightening or perming of the hair. More about this later on when I have finished this article.

When I first started writing these articles on cosmetics I hoped that I would be just a science phobic person who was paranoid about something petty,but I now realise that the chemicals are toxic and can harm a person.

Also a very important point just because I love Lush,Neal’s yard remedies and Carol’s daughter doesnot mean that they are chemical free companies. Carol’s daughter uses some synthetic fragrances in some of their products.Lush use synthetic musk in their butterball bath bomb.They claim it to be better than using animal musk,I see their point but I would rather they used something else natural rather than synthetic musk.Who needs musk for bathing anyway?Bring on the Roses, Jasmines,Violets and maybe Ylang ylang.

Cosmetics and household cleaning products have caustic ingredients unless you switch to more natural cosmetics and environmentally friendly household cleaning products you are risking at the least bad skin disorders and at the worst Cancer.

Women unknowingly expose themselves daily to hundreds of toxic chemicals when applying makeup. When ingredient listings in 7,500 products were cross-linked with toxicity databases, one-third contained ingredients linked to cancer and 70 percent may be contaminated with harmful impurities.

Anything you put on your skin small amounts of it goes into your blood stream,then your heart pumps it around to all your internal organs.You may think nothing of using beauty products which are made up of  petrochemicals but I think it matters if  you use petroleum based products,I think in terms of carcinogens you are better safer than sorry. Small amounts of  it entering your internal organs is probably harmless, if your body can fight it off, but really there is a chance of build up of toxins in your internal organs.

The skin absorbs whatever the ingredients are in the skincare preparations.About 99% of most afro hair products contain petrochemicals.Ingredients that enter the body through the skin have been found to mainly enter through the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Petrochemicals are a variety of ingredients that are derived from petroleum.Petrochemical ingredients cause skin allergy reactions,skin irritations and clog skin pores.Petrochemicals donot absorb well into the skin so if they are combined with healthy ingredients they donot allow them to be properly absorbed.Mineral oil is a mixture of  hydrocarbons that is a highly used derivative of  petroleum,used in many cosmetics.Petrochemicals pollute the water and kill marine life.

I think if  you can’t eat it then why put it on your skin? My hair and body butter is edible and I have even spread it on my bread and eaten it.Could you eat your lotion,conditioner….etc? It is time to rethink.All the products I have mentioned would be harmless if you ate it but they don’t taste good!Mine does though.My pomade tastes like over -sweetened butter.

A lot of detergents in shampoos, shower gels,bubble baths soaps and household products can irritate the skin, causing and worsening eczema.

Glycerine is usually (some glycerine is made from Pork Gelatine,look for vegetable glycerine) an extraction of coconut oil or sometimes palm oil ,glycerine is good for hair,skin,chapped lips and food preparations(cake-making) it is a good oil humectant and I recommend it for babies, cuts or sores and eczema.Glycerin – Colorless, odorless, sweet-tasting, syrupy liquid. It absorbs water from the air; this property makes it valuable as a moistener in cosmetics. Glycerol is present in the form of its esters (glycerides) in all animal and vegetable fats and oils.

Coconut oil is good for a pomade hence why Neals Yard use it in Rosemary and Cedarwood hair treatment.

You have one body and one life, so be wise.


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Some natural cosmetic ingredients

Some natural cosmetic ingredients By Manashantii

Body butter ingredients=You need Emollients=Coconut oil/butter, shea butter, Cocoa butter,Murumuru butter then add Scent /

A natural Humectant is =Vegetable Glycerine= it is an extraction of coconut oil or at times palm oil

Fragrance=essential oils blend it all together.

Hair oil ingredients/Body oil ingredients =choose the following ingredients of your preference=Sunflower oil,Olive oil,Rosehip seed oil, Avocado oil,Pumpkin seed oil,Hempseed oil,Borage oil,Jojoba oil,Apricot kernel oil,Calendula oil,Comfrey oil,Grapeseed oil, Rapeseed oil,Kukui nut oil,Babassu oil,Blackseed oil,Carrot oil, Linseed oil,Neem oil (Neem oil is very very smelly).

This is the procedure,add body butter ingredient(s) with hair/body oil ingredients then add glycerine and essential oils if you desire then blend all the ingredients.

Then add Scent/fragrance =essential oils( Pumpkin seed oil is dark green and can soil your clothing).(Comfrey oil is a good source of allantoin).Allantoin: a botanical thought to have calming properties to the skin that help resolve irritation.

By Manashantii