Carageen/ Irish Moss

Carageen / Irish Moss (chondrus crispus) – Irish Moss is off white and reddish-brown perennial thallophyte or seaweed (a source of Carragheen or Carrageen) common at low tide on all the shores of the North Atlantic, especially Ireland, all year round. It is remarkable for its extreme variability, the difference being mainly due to the great diversity in the width of the segments.  The mucilage present in this plant is used in large quantities by the food industry to make jellies, ice-cream, boiled sweets or aspic and to be used as a smooth binder. This very property is the basis of its use in digestive conditions where a Demulcent is called for, such as gastritis and ulcers, including kidney and bladder affections. However, its main use is in respiratory problems such as coughs or bronchitis.  For cosmetics it is used as an emulsifier and/or thickening additive and a skin softener. Algae/Seaweed Extract: an emollient, restoring moisture content to skin; claims to have antioxidant properties.

By Manashantii